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Hi, you are in the Acrona Club

Acrona Club - a brand concept that combines a symbiosis of multiple effective tools, for earning money online. Business Acrona Style - is a simple, enjoyable and an entertaining process, easily accessible to everyone. See it for yourself.

In-Game Currency

All operations conducted within Acrona Club are held in its own currency. We successfully implemented a unique accounting and transaction system, making the financial segment of our project more flexible and secured. The In-game coin was named after the club itself - ACRONA (in short «AC»). The AC coins are displayed on every member’s personal balance.

A new era of opportunities emerges before us. Acrona Club - is your chance. Don’t Miss Out!

Acrona Club Philosophy

Fair principles

Fair principles

Team play

Global goal

Innovative approach

Digital assets

Reliable support and development team

The value system of the project is based on business ethics and mutual respect. Respect for human rights and the fulfillment of all obligations are key principles of the Acrona Club administrative body.

Acrona Club projects

Artificial intelligence and the main pearl of Acrona Club. You will meet with a unique digital organism that has its own model of behavior.

Passive income

Tools for receiving passive income, without personal participation.

Big prize

A real opportunity to become the owner of your own apartment.

Simple interactive

Convenient and intuitive interface that even a beginner can easily master.

Intellectual system

The brilliant fusion of the human mind and computer intelligence.

How does Acrona Club work?

The mechanism has a neural network resemblance, where all the simple elements interact with each other. Every member becomes a part of this digital mechanism and ensures its further progress.

Acrona — a new era
of digital currencies

Acrona is a decentralized coin that embodies the best engineering qualities of leading cryptocurrencies. It has the highest degree of liquidity, what should be a real, super-profitable asset.

The system of self-regulation allows you to maintain a stable price, even in the most uncertain period of the market.

Investing in Acrona - you get stability


Our priority is to create effective tools, that would provide the possibility of continuous improvement. Acrona Club is a global organizational structure with a Scenario-based Roadmapping Method (SBRM).

03 / 2018

Brand development and start of development

Development and formation of the brand, technical documentation and launch of development.

06 / 2018

The presentation of the company Acrona Club

Alfa-release of the web-application Acrona Club and Kassandra with access to the financial system and the partner system.

07 / 2018

Start of the project and the first webinar

Alfa-release of the web-application Acrona Club and Kassandra with access to the financial system and the partner system.

08 / 2018

Acrona Bingo Release

The first prize drawing for partners of the first wave as part of Kassandra training. Acrona Bingo Release.

09 / 2018

Acrona Sector Release

The official launch of the most anticipated business technology based on collective intelligence.

/ 2018-2019

Acrona Mining Release

A completely new approach to investment using the collective mind and modern fintech possibilities.

/ 2018-2019

Acrona Focus Release

The quintessence of the use of collective mind and artificial intelligence for the benefit of mankind.


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