Acrona Investment — is a Decentralized platform for digital economy investment.

Become the owner of your own business and get up to 25% profit every month.

Best qualities
of investment offers —
in one tool

High income

Up to 25% monthly

Instant accruals

Profit is accrued every second, in real time

Control of funds

100% control of funds, without any transfer to trust management

At your service —
a team of professionals

Acrona LTD — this is an international team of IT specialists, developing in such demanded areas as:

  • Information and communication technology
  • Blockchain economy
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Collective mind
  • VR technology (virtual reality)

We invite you to become part of our community and earn money on the most promising trends in the global trend.

Acrona — a new era
of digital currencies

Acrona is a decentralized coin that embodies the best engineering qualities of leading cryptocurrencies. It has the highest degree of liquidity, what should be a real, super-profitable asset.

The system of self-regulation allows you to maintain a stable price, even in the most uncertain period of the market.

Investing in Acrona - you get stability

Acrona Mining —
smart digital asset generation

Thanks to the technology of cloud PoS mining, you get up to 25% of monthly profits from the total number of coins on your wallet balance.

Without any personal involvement

You don't even have to be online.

Easy to use

No special equipment required. Any device with Internet access is suitable.

Security of funds

All operations are performed inside Blockchain, which eliminates all risks

Collective development

Develop a career and get the highest% profit

Three easy steps
to earn profit

Pass the registration

The process takes a few minutes

Buy coins and send them to your wallet

The more coins - the higher the% of passive income

Receive profit

Enjoy the process of automatic earning

No one freezes the funds and does not hold them forcibly. Coins are on your wallet and can be withdrawn at any time. Only you are the full owner of your assets and dispose of them at your own discretion.

Collective development model

For active members Acrona Investment we provide the possibility of accelerating the mining process. Surround yourself with like-minded people and increase the% of your profits at the expense of the amount of investors attracted by you. The interaction takes place on an infinite number of lines deep.

Yield calculator

Find out the exact% of monthly profit.

1000 ACRN

Of funds in wallet

20000 ACRN

Of funds in the system


Time-work of the coins


The amount of sectors

0%coins per month
Wallet balance (AC)
Money in the node structure (AC)
Active sectors
Time-work of the coin

Register now on the official website of the platform and get the step-by-step video instructions for launching Acrona Mining.