AC Hold / Liquid — what is the difference?

Hold — are illiquid funds involved in the work of individual products and project directions.

Liquid — liquid funds exempt from any restrictions and available to all financial operations of the system.

Cost of 1 AC

For the convenience of external transactions (purchase / sale) - AC coins are tied to BTC at a fixed rate:

1 АС = 0.001 BTC.

Purchase АС

You can buy any number of AC coins - right inside your personal wallet.

  • Step 1 — Select a Payment Method;
  • Step 2 — Specify the number of AC coins to purchase;
  • Step 3 — Send the funds to the address specified by the system;
  • Step 4 — Wait for the receipt of the AC coins on your personal balance.


Funds transfer from Acrona Mining balance

Personal Wallet - is the regulatory authority of the entire financial system of the project. You can send funds from Acrona Mining balance in one direction only - to a personal wallet deposit. And after that - in any other direction, according to your desire .

To withdraw, you need to go to the Acrona Mining balance section, specify the number of coins and form a transaction for withdrawal. The funds will be deposited in the wallet instantly.

For transferring funds from Acrona Mining balance, there is a commission of 0.9%.

Termination of Offer

This procedure includes returning of the AC coins, that did not have time to be placed in the global Acrona Sector field..

  • Step 1 — Write a letter to the technical support, indicating your username and purpose of the appeal. It is necessary to write exactly from the mail that was specified during registration of the account.
  • Step 2 — Confirm your identity. To do this, attach to the letter a photo of your passport (inner turn) on the background of your face. Sample photo:
  • Step 3 — Wait for the receipt of funds on the wallet within 7 working days from the moment of application.

Terms of termination

  • 1. Cancellation of the offer is impossible if AC coin withdrawals have already been made from the account
  • 2. After termination of the offer, the user account is blocked, without the possibility of recovery.
  • 3. The commission for the termination of the offer is 30% of the refund amount.